4 Benefits of a High-Quality Air Purifier

You do everything you can to keep the air in your Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, home as healthy as possible. Each week, you painstakingly dust, vacuum and clean every portion of your house. However, it’s not always enough to keep contaminants at bay, especially if you have a family member who’s susceptible to indoor air pollution. Fortunately, there’s a solution. With a high-quality air purifier, you can enjoy cleaner air, prevent respiratory illnesses and improve long-term health.

How Does an Air Purifier Work?

Before discussing the numerous benefits of an air purifier, it’s important to note just how they work. Air purifiers attach to your current HVAC system and treat air as it flows through the ductwork. As this treated air passes through, the purifier traps and kills up to 99.9 percent of harmful microscopic critters, bacteria and viruses, as well as non-living things such as dust and pet dander. It does this using a high-efficiency particulate air filter, also known as a HEPA filter.

This super fine filter can remove particles that your average or even high-efficiency MERV (minimum efficiency rating value) filter cannot. When it completes its task, you enjoy the most breathable air you’ll find anywhere. There’s a reason hospitals and other places that require sterility use them.

Controls Pet Dander

One of the most striking benefits of an air purifier is its ability to aid people in your home with allergies or respiratory problems. Many of these conditions can worsen because of factors in your home, such as pets.

Everyone loves their furry friends, but even diligent cleaning of your pet isn’t always enough to keep pet dander away. This combination of dead skin cells and hair can aggravate even mild conditions, leading to severe problems that may even require hospitalization.

Air purifiers rectify this situation by eliminating pet dander as it passes through your HVAC system. Not only does this keep it out of your home for the immediate future but it can also prevent it from entering your ductwork, where it can lurk for days, weeks or months. With an air purifier in place, you won’t have to worry about balancing your respiratory issues with your favorite dog or cat.

Removes Cigarette Smoke

Smoking in your home is never a good idea. It can severely impact indoor air quality as well as present a fire hazard. However, you may have a relative who refuses to go outside or friends who insist on smoking inside when they’re over for a gathering.

Fortunately, an air purifier can help you in this predicament. Like other contaminants that pass through your HVAC system, cigarette smoke can cause health issues and odors. Air purifiers remove the dangers thanks to a pre-filter and a charcoal filter, which also aids in removing odors from the air.

Kills Viruses and Germs

Good hygiene and washing your hands regularly are two fantastic ways to keep illnesses such as strep throat, colds, and the flu away from your home. But air purifiers provide an added layer of protection.

Products such as the Carrier Infinity Air Purifier eliminate these pathogens using a highly effective filter system. They kill the trapped germs by pumping out an electrical charge as often as eight times an hour. With this type of system, germs don’t stand a chance.

Removes Mold and Mildew

High humidity can wreak havoc in your Florida home, especially during the warmer months. When your home becomes excessively humid, it creates the perfect breeding conditions for mold and mildew.

The first step to eliminating this issue is to clean or remove the infected areas. You’ll also want to remove the spores from the air before they have a chance to reproduce. An air purifier is an essential way to curb the growth of mold, and you won’t have to worry about a relapse.

Don’t leave your family’s health at risk by neglecting your home’s indoor air quality. Instead, call the air quality professionals at Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, LLC at 561-202-1422.

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