Fall May Be the Perfect Season for Installing a New Central A/C in Your Wellington Home

Installing a New Central A/CWith summer winding down and the first hints of autumn in the air, replacing your air conditioner or installing a new central A/C system in your home in the Palm Beach area may be the last thing on your mind. But, fall may be the best time to think about air conditioning for a variety of reasons, and, as you know, air conditioning can be a blessing in almost any month of the year here in south Florida.

Consider these reasons for choosing fall as the time for replacing your air conditioner or installing a new central A/C system in your home:

  • This is the time for great deals! With the end of the summer cooling season in most of the country, manufacturers and wholesalers are looking to reduce their inventory of air conditioners to make room for the upcoming heating season demand for furnaces and boilers. Because costs for A/C equipment from suppliers go down this time of year, HVAC companies can often offer great deals on new or replacement A/C systems for your home.
  • HVAC technicians and installers are typically less swamped during the fall season as the demand for their services goes down after the summer repair-and-replacement crunch is over. If you call for A/C installation or repairs in the fall, you won’t have to wait as long for service as you might during the height of the cooling season.
  • The weather is beautiful and the temperature is perfect. Installing a new central A/C system in your home can take a few days. Timing the work for mild fall days will save you the inconvenience and discomfort of having no cooling available for your family and pets that you would have to endure if you had the work done in the middle of summer.
  • You can have your heating system overhauled before the winter chill sets in. If you know that you need heating system repairs, combining them with A/C installation work can save you money and inconvenience. Additionally, if your ductwork needs repairs or cleaning, this is the time to get that work done, since the A/C system will be installed using the same ductwork. Air handling fans and motors can be lubricated and tuned up as part of the same project.

While your HVAC contractor is installing a new central A/C system, it’s also a good time to consider your home’s overall energy efficiency and include some upgrades in your plans. Consider taking some of these steps to lower utility bills while keeping your home comfortable in any season:

  • Add insulation if needed. Be sure attic insulation is sufficient for the Florida climate. Ask your contractor to insulate any A/C ducts that will be running through the attic or other spaces that aren’t air conditioned.
  • Seal air leaks. Check the weatherstripping around doors and windows and replace it if it’s worn out. While the contractor is sealing the places where A/C lines enter the home, have them also seal any air leaks found around windows, skylights or other places where electrical or plumbing equipment penetrates the walls.
  • Install a programmable thermostat. Including a new thermostat in your plans for installing a new central A/C system is an inexpensive step that will cut energy bills while keeping your home more comfortable. When you’re discussing plans with your contractor, you could also look into including zoning in the new system so you can use independent programmable thermostats to keep different parts of your home set for appropriate temperatures.
  • Use ceiling fans and keep windows open on mild days. On those comfortable days with mild sea breezes, open windows for natural ventilation and use ceiling fans to keep rooms comfortable without running the air conditioner. Fans won’t change the temperature of the air in your home, but they will keep the air moving so that you feel cooler.

Ready to get your new A/C system installed this fall? Call the pros at Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, LLC today to schedule a meeting with our air conditioning professionals.

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