All outdoor heat pump units make a little bit of noise. But the heat pump at your Ft. Pierce, Florida, home should not be loud enough to disturb you. Loud heat pump noises, whether consistent or intermittent, almost always indicate an internal problem that needs immediate professional attention.

Parts Are Loose

Rattling, buzzing, or an overall loud hum often indicates that your heat pump is wearing out and parts have come loose. This happens with older heat pumps and with heat pumps that haven’t had proper maintenance. When we come take a look, we’ll tighten the parts that have loosened, and we’ll perform repairs on damaged parts. If the sounds persist, your heat pump may be near the end of its life.

Your Motor Is Broken

When the motor doesn’t run, the outdoor unit will hum or buzz. If the motor doesn’t run, is broken, or has worn out, your unit is at risk of overheating. It’s not going to work to heat or cool your home very well, and bigger problems, like compressor issues, can erupt if you keep running it like this. Have us check the motor immediately to fix the problem.

The Unit Has an Electrical Issue

If the unit makes a buzzing noise combined with any cracking or popping, it could be having electrical problems. Wiring problems are serious, so you should cut power to the outdoor unit immediately by flipping your circuit breaker off. Then call us so we can come take care of it. Don’t run a heat pump with electrical issues under any circumstances.

If your heat pump is loud, Preferred AC can help. We’ve worked on heat pumps all over this area of Florida, and we can repair yours so it runs as smoothly as possible. Keep an eye on the age of your heat pump, or if these problems come up consistently. You might be close to needing a replacement. Call us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment at (772) 905-3358.

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