3 Unpleasant Things That Can Live Inside Your Ducts

Even the cleanest Palm Beach, Florida, house might find itself with an infestation of something nasty. Critters and bugs that gain access to your ducts cause all kinds of damage, and they compromise indoor air quality (IAQ). Routine HVAC maintenance is essential to making sure that the only thing inside your ducts is air.


Rodent infestations, whether squirrels, rats, or other rodents, are disgusting. Sometimes rodents access houses through the ducts. Even if they don’t, they can chew through your flex ducts easily. We can repair this damage by replacing sections of duct, but you don’t want that to happen in the first place. Rodents are dirty, carry parasites, cause bad smells, and will aggravate your allergies.


Like rodents, bugs find tiny holes in your building envelope and crawl inside. If those tiny holes are in your HVAC system, then that’s where they go. Your ducts are conduits to the rest of the house. When bugs die in the HVAC system, their carcasses blow through the house when your system turns on.


If you’ve had rodents or bugs in your ducts, then you have bacteria in there, too. Bacteria lives in rodent feces, dust particles from cat litter, and the debris from bug carcasses. It’s in the dust that ends up throughout your house because of dirty ducts. Have our techs come to clean your ducts and eliminate dust and bacteria. If you’re sensitive to allergens, we can install a UV light to zap microbes in your HVAC system, too.

When something lives in your ducts, don’t panic. Pest control and Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, LLC will get your home straightened out. We can clean your ducts and repair any damage that occurred. We’ll also assess your IAQ to make sure the air you’re breathing indoors is clean. Critters in your ducts are gross, but the problem is fixable. Call us today if you have questions, or if you need your ducts cleaned, at (561) 202-1422.

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