3 Ways Living in Florida Eases Asthma Symptoms

Although any location can present challenges for asthma sufferers, there are several benefits to living in the Sunshine State. If you live near the coast in Palm Beach County, Florida, check out these three factors that might be beneficial to relieving asthma symptoms.

Coastal Winds Blow Away Irritants

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation (AAFA) has ranked the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the United States according to their impact on asthma sufferers. According to that list, which considered factors like asthma prevalence, pollution levels, and pollen counts, three of the ten best cities for asthma sufferers are in Florida: Cape Coral, Palm Bay and Daytona Beach. These, like cities in the Palm Beach County region, are located near the coastline. When you live on the coast, frequent windy conditions help to blow away a lot of the potential triggers for asthma, including pollen.

The Florida Asthma Coalition

Another advantage of living in Florida is the Florida Asthma Coalition, whose goal is to reduce the overall burden of asthma in the state. The coalition’s website features a lot of information including instructional videos, helpful links, and a tool for finding local asthma doctors. Caregivers, healthcare providers, and schools can find resources to help raise awareness and address asthma-related issues. Whether you want to make a difference in your community or simply learn to manage your symptoms, the Florida Asthma Coalition can help.

Dehumidification Works

Of course, there are some downsides to living in Florida when you have asthma. Starting with humidity, just as dry, cold air can trigger asthma symptoms, so can hot, humid air. Fortunately, high humidity can be managed using a whole-home dehumidifier. Keeping your windows closed and running your air conditioner can also help, as your AC unit not only cools the air but also purifies and dehumidifies it with each cycle.

Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, LLC offers a variety of indoor air quality products to help you breathe easier at home. To learn more, give us a call today at (772) 905-3358.

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