Pets are a wonderful addition to your Port Saint Lucie, Florida, home. We love the joy dogs and cats bring to our lives, even though they also come with extra work and lots of pet hair. Having pets does have an impact on your HVAC system, but with the right maintenance (both on your side and on ours) your pets won’t cause lasting HVAC damage. Just make sure you take care of things.

Air Flow and Pet Hair

Pet fur can get in your ducts, clog your return vents, and cause indoor air quality issues. The solution is simple: an air filter. The air filter captures particles and debris, like pet hair, that flows through your house. Make sure you’re changing it once a month, because pet hair clogs up air filters pretty quickly.

If you haven’t been using an air filter, call us for a duct cleaning. Otherwise the pet hair in your ducts will continue to blow throughout your house. That pet hair also might end up in other parts of the HVAC system, like the air handler. If that happens, we’ll need to come clean it for you and perform any necessary repairs. Leave it for too long, and it’ll cost you more later.

Pet Dander and Allergies

Indoor air quality is a big part of the HVAC system. Part of the reason for filters, duct cleaning, and maintenance is to keep the air inside your home clean. Dander is an allergen for many people. Even a mild allergy to pet dander can cause discomfort.

Simple and inexpensive solutions like HEPA vacuum filters and single-room air purifiers are good steps to take. These measures work with your HVAC system to keep your indoor air clean.

Pets can cause HVAC concerns, but the right preventative measures plus routine maintenance will keep your HVAC system healthy. Call Preferred AC at (772) 905-3358 so we can schedule a maintenance appointment and recommend good air filters for you and your pets.

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