To get through the summer in West Palm Beach, Florida, you need strong air conditioning. You must hold the sweltering heat at bay for the comfort and safety of your clients and employees. Many businesses need a particularly powerful commercial HVAC system to cool a large area. A packaged commercial HVAC system can provide powerful cooling and energy savings.

Powerful Cooling

Packaged commercial HVAC systems have some of the highest capacities available. You can use multiple units if the area you need to condition is too large for a single unit. Packaged units can run from 3 tons to over 20 tons, so you can be sure the system is capable of cooling your business.

Easy Installation, Maintenance and Repairs

Packaged systems are very easy to install, repair and maintain. A service technician can access a packaged HVAC system from a single point, and they won’t need to come inside your office for any of the work. This minimizes disruptions to your business and makes work on your HVAC system much faster. Since there’s no need for a bulky indoor unit, a packaged system also frees valuable space for your company. It’s ideal for a renovation or an addition.

Energy Savings

Since all the components in a packaged unit are close together, they don’t have to use as much energy. Many packaged commercial HVAC systems will even pay for themselves over time by lowering your company’s utility bills. With more than one packaged system, you can use zoning to set different areas at different temperatures. That way, you won’t need to cool unoccupied rooms.

Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, Inc. is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, and we can help you choose and install the best packaged commercial HVAC system for your business. Call us anytime at 561-202-1422 to make your building cool and comfortable.

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