A variable-speed HVAC system can run at different speeds to meet your heating and cooling needs precisely. Many of these devices can make changes automatically to adjust to outdoor temperature or humidity levels inside your West Palm Beach, Florida, home. A variable-speed HVAC system can enhance your comfort, save energy and prevent inconvenient, expensive breakdowns.

More Comfort

Most heating and air conditioning systems keep running until the temperature inside your house matches the setting on your thermostat. Afterward, they shut down until your home’s temperature changes again. They usually come on and turn off several times per day, producing distracting noises and uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. A variable-speed HVAC system can stay on more often at a low speed. As a result, it keeps the temperature inside your house constant and regulates its humidity better.

Energy Savings

Since variable-speed systems don’t need to work at their full capacity, they don’t have to use as much power as other models. Upgrading to a variable-speed indoor air handler can pay for itself by lowering your utility bills, and you can keep your family members comfortable with a less costly, more compact system. It’ll also help the environment by reducing pollution from fossil fuels and increase your home’s value.

Many variable-speed units can connect to a programmable thermostat that can turn down your HVAC system automatically while you’re asleep or away. Before you wake up or get back, the smart thermostat will return your home to a comfortable temperature. This lets you conserve energy without impacting your comfort.

Fewer Breakdowns

With a variable-speed system, you’ll experience less wear and tear and fewer breakdowns. Your equipment will function well longer so that you can avoid paying for repairs or a costly replacement. To extend your variable-speed system’s life as much as possible, have it checked by a professional at least once per year.

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