3 Carrier Thermostats You Need for Your Florida Home

A solid air conditioner, heat pump or furnace can go a long way to ensuring comfort in your Port Saint Lucie, Florida, home. However, a dependable thermostat is equally as important to keep you warm or cool. With Carrier thermostats, you get the quality and versatility of one of America’s most trusted brands, all while saving energy and money to boot.

Carrier Wi-Fi Thermostat (TC-WHS01)

If you have a go-big-or-go-home type mentality, the Carrier Wi-Fi Thermostat is the only unit you’ll ever need. This top-of-the-line thermostat offers plenty of benefits to make heating and cooling easier, such as a full color graphic display, a four-day local weather forecast and zoning capabilities.

Plus, you can download the corresponding app to control your home’s temperature from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re staying late at work or you forgot to set the temperature before you left for vacation, this thermostat prevents you from wasting energy and money.

Comfort Non-Programmable Thermostat (TC-NAC01)

When you need an affordable solution for heating and cooling a rental property, the Comfort Non-Programmable Thermostat is an ideal choice. It doesn’t offer programmable or smart features, but it does have pinpoint accuracy that keeps your tenants comfortable while also cutting their bills.

With a large and an illuminated display, it’s easy to set. What’s more, it’s even set up for zoning. To make life easier, it automatically switches between heating and cooling, providing a foolproof way to achieve your desired temperature.

Côr Wi-Fi Thermostat (TP-WEM01)

Certified and designed by Energy Star to provide home comfort with increased energy savings, the Cor Wi-Fi Thermostat is its own class. Homeowners saved an average of 20 percent when using this thermostat, thanks to zoning capabilities and smart setback, which adjusts your temperature on its own. This thermostat is the heart of any smarter and automated home.

Are you experiencing thermostat problems? Do you have questions about upgrading your current thermostat? Call Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, LLC today at 772-905-3358 for state-of-the-art products and excellent service.

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