Choose a Hybrid or Dual-Fuel Heat Pump

A hybrid or dual-fuel heat pump combines a heat pump and gas furnace to offer the benefits of both appliances. Read on to learn why you should install this type of system in your Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, home.

Energy Savings

Conventional heat pumps are very efficient when temperatures are above freezing. However, they have trouble transferring heat from the outdoor air to your home in lower temperatures. With a hybrid system, your heat pump will work most of the time, and the gas furnace will come on automatically when temperatures get too cold. Even in Florida, preparing for a few chilly days in winter makes sense. With a dual-fuel heat pump, you can adapt easily to many different types of weather.

Plenty of Options

Packaged, ductless or conventional hybrid systems are available in many different sizes. You can pick a model that uses natural gas or propane. All dual-fuel heat pumps also have at least two settings. Air heated by gas is usually warmer than air heated by a heat pump. Using your heat pump when the air is chilly but not cold will keep your home warm without making you feel hot or stuffy. A hybrid or dual-fuel HVAC system keeps you from needing to install two separate units, and it could help you save space. You also won’t need to have two different systems maintained.

A Higher Value for Your Home

With a dual-fuel heat pump, you’ll have a backup heat source if your power goes out, and you can keep everyone comfortable easily. A hybrid unit is more appealing to buyers. Therefore, it can help you get a better price for your home and sell it faster.

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