common A/C problemsA/C troubles can quickly make life uncomfortable, but not every issue needs professional intervention. There are some common A/C problems that you can solve if you know what to look out for. Here are four that are easily fixed, with tips on when you’ll need the expertise of an HVAC specialist.

  • Your A/C runs, but there’s no flow of cold air. Insufficient airflow to the outdoor condenser can cause this. You can restore comfort by cleaning accumulated dirt from the coil, trimming back tall grass and removing yard debris from around the unit. If this doesn’t fix the issue, have the compressor and refrigerant level checked by an HVAC pro.
  • There isn’t enough cold air arriving at the registers. This can happen if the indoor evaporator coil is dirty. Cleaning it could increase your comfort. If you only notice the problem during extremely hot weather, you may not have a fixable problem because an A/C’s cooling capability is directly tied to the outdoor temperature on a given day. If your home never seems cool enough, though, seek out a professional opinion about whether your A/C is properly sized.
  • The outdoor condenser won’t start. If you set the thermostat too high, the condenser won’t come on, so try lowering the setting first. Then, check that the unit is getting power. Is it plugged in? Do you have a blown fuse or tripped breaker that needs to be replaced or reset? If the condenser still doesn’t start up, you may have a bad motor or compressor problems that need expert attention.
  • The cooling system cycles on and off frequently. Inadequate airflow can cause repeated short-cycling, so check that the cooling coils and air filter are clean and that the supply and return vents aren’t blocked. If the problem persists, have the A/C checked out by a skilled HVAC technician, since frequent on-off cycling wastes your energy dollars and can even cause a premature equipment failure.

If you need help solving common A/C problems in your West Palm Beach, Wellington or Delray area home, contact us at Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, Inc. today.

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