Common A/C Problems: Luckily There’s a Fix for Each

Operating your air conditioner during the long Palm Beach cooling season can take its toll on your system, especially if you haven’t kept to a yearly preventive maintenance schedule. An annual tune-up will go a long way toward preventing these common A/C problems.

  • Low refrigerant — Unless your system was improperly charged with refrigerant at installation, a low refrigerant level means you have a leak and your air conditioner won’t operate properly without the exact level of refrigerant specified by the manufacturer. A qualified HVAC professional will need to detect the leak, repair it, test the repair and add refrigerant.
  • Electric control failure — If your electrical connections are loose or your wires or terminals are corroded, your air conditioner won’t run properly, if at all. Preventive maintenance includes tightening electrical connections and inspecting for corrosion.
  • Sensor problems — Room air conditioners have a sensor that tells the unit when to cycle. If the sensor is bent out of place, the result will be erratic or constant cycling. Bend the sensor back into place so that it’s near the coil but not touching it.
  • Drainage problems — During high humidity, your condensate drain may become clogged, resulting in overflow and shutting down your air conditioner. Remove the clog with a wet/dry vacuum or a plumber’s snake and completely dry the water damage to prevent mold from growing. Your tune-up will include flushing the condensate drain to prevent this problem.
  • Dust in the system — Over time, dust enters your air conditioner and settles on the fan, motor and condenser, and may cause premature failure of these essential components. Preventive maintenance will remove the dust buildup to ensure optimum efficiency and prevent breakdowns. During the course of the cooling season, change your air filter when it’s dirty to ensure optimum airflow and raise your indoor air quality. Hose down the outdoor unit monthly to remove dirt from the fins.

For more expert advice about preventing and solving common A/C problems, please feel free to contact us at Preferred Air Conditioning, Inc. We keep Palm Beach area residents comfortable year-round with a high level of customer satisfaction.



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