Many modern homes in West Palm Beach, Florida, have excellent insulation to make them more efficient. Unfortunately, it can interfere with proper air circulation and ventilation. As a result, it can worsen your indoor air quality. Using exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms or installing a whole-home ventilation system will preserve comfort. The consequences of poor ventilation include high humidity, health issues and unpleasant smells.

High Humidity

Without enough ventilation, moist air from cooking and showering will linger in your home. You could even have high humidity and water damage from condensation on your windows in winter. Excess moisture in the air can make you feel hot and stuffy. As a result, it can force you to use your air conditioner more and increase your utility bills. High humidity can also encourage biological growth and pests such as cockroaches.

Health Issues

Contaminants such as dirt, dust, pet dander, pollen and biological growth can accumulate in homes with inadequate ventilation. These pollutants can cause common asthma or allergy symptoms and other health problems. Air fresheners, cleaners, paints and many other products emit volatile organic compounds such as benzene and acetone. They often lead to dizziness and fatigue. If you feel better when you’re away from home, but your symptoms return when you come back, you should consult a professional about additional ventilation.

Unpleasant Smells

Along with pollutants, unpleasant smells from pets, garbage, biological growth and many other sources can build up in your home. As a result, it can make your home feel uncomfortable. Using ventilation allows you to get rid of these scents quickly and easily. It can also keep activities such as smoking or cooking from disturbing the other members of your household.

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