Is a Heat Pump What You Need to Cool and Heat Your Florida Home?

Looking for an efficient way to cool and heat your Florida home all year? Installing a heat pump could be your answer. To help you make an informed decision, here are some heat pump pros and cons.

What Does a Heat Pump Do…

A heat pump heats your home by using the heat-exchange properties of refrigerant to extract heat from outside your home and bring it inside. Of more interest to Floridians, it cools your home by removing heat from inside your home to depositing it outside. The subtraction of indoor heat creates cooling.

The Pros of a Heat Pump…

  • Warm, Dry, and Comfy – If you’re looking for complete comfort in your home, a heat pump is for you. A heat pump will bring a room up to a comfortable temperature and then maintain it.
  • Energy Efficient – Unlike furnaces or boilers that can never achieve more than 100 percent efficiency, a well-maintained air-source heat pump can provide three times the heat energy than it consumes in electricity. When cooling your home, the heat pump rivals top-end air conditioners for efficiency.
  • Decrease Energy Costs – This amount of efficiency can decrease your energy costs, but it depends on your home and your load requirement.
  • No Hazards from Using Gas – With a heat pump, there’s no danger from gas or carbon monoxide leaks, as happens with gas furnaces.
  • Dehumidifier – In cooling mode, a properly maintained heat pump can dehumidify your air as well as a high-efficiency A/C.
  • Air Filter – Many heat pumps are equipped with a washable filter unit to remove allergens and other unwanted particles from the air.

The Cons of a Heat Pump…

  • Non-Dehumidifing – A heat pump can’t dehumidify your air in heating mode, though luckily, dehumidification isn’t as imperative when outside temperature are cool.
  • Very Cold Weather – A heat pump doesn’t operate well in very cold temperatures, thought that’s seldom a concern for Floridians.
  • Duct leaks – Because a heat pump relies on ductwork to circulate the air, it has the same potential for energy losses through duct leaks as in any other forced-air system.

When you want to know more about heat pump pros and cons, contact the trained technicians at Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, LLC For more than two decades, we’ve proudly served the residents and businesses of Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Delray and the surrounding areas.

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