Heat pumps were made for Florida weather. They provide efficient cooling during the hot, humid summer and handle any heating needs during the winter. But, like all other pieces of mechanical equipment, they may develop problems at some time.

Here are a few of the most common heat pump problems a homeowner might encounter:

  • Refrigerant leaks – The heat pump works like a typical air conditioning system. There’s a closed loop of refrigerant moving through the system that cools the air inside your home. When a leak develops in the refrigerant line, you may not know it immediately. As the refrigerant levels go down, the system will have to work harder just to keep your home cool. This quickly increases energy use.
  • Airflow blockage – A heat pump has two components: an inside air handler and the outdoor pump. Both need airflow to work properly. Clogged air filters or air vents can reduce the efficiency of the indoor unit. Weeds and debris can reduce the efficiency of the outdoor unit. Make sure both can get a clear flow of air.
  • Heating problems – Though rare, the West Palm Beach/Port Saint Lucie area can get an occasional cold night. Heat pumps can handle heating the home to some extent. But when it gets really cold, below freezing, it may struggle to keep up. You can add an auxiliary heating unit to your heat pump to help on those cold days or use a portable heater to supplement the heat coming from the pump.

When you encounter any of these problems, you should have a qualified technician check the system. A small problem can become a major one quite quickly.

If you’re having heat pump problems, contact the pros at Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical. We’ve proudly served the West Palm Beach and Port Saint Lucie area since 1991.

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