You probably associate your ceiling fan with cooling the home, but it can provide warming benefits as well. Set the fans properly in your West Palm Beach, FL, home and you can resist the urge to increase the heat setting on your thermostat.

Keep It Clean

The first step in efficiently using your ceiling fan is giving it a thorough cleaning. A dirty fan may help to warm your home, but it will spread dust and allergens at the same time. You can clean your fan by removing dust that accumulates on the blades. If you are cleaning the fan above a bed, it is a good idea to cover the area below to catch falling dust. An effective option too, is to use a damp or microfiber cloth that will effectively remove dust instead of spread it around.

Rotation Matters

To help with circulating the warm air, the blades on the fan should rotate in a clockwise direction. You can change the rotation by adjusting the small switch on the housing just below the blades. Remember to switch the fan back to a counterclockwise rotation for a cooling wind chill effect during warm weather. Always turn off the fan before attempting to adjust the rotation.

Set Your Speed

In cold weather, you should set your fan’s rotation to a low speed. If the fan rotates too quickly, it will cool the room rather than warm it. At low speeds, your ceiling fan is an efficient supplement to your home’s heating system. When the weather is only mildly cool, your fan may even be all you need to stay comfortable.

By using your ceiling fan you can give your heating system a break. You won’t need to set high temperatures to feel warm. Instead, you will still be able to achieve comfort while saving energy. To learn more about other ways that you can efficiently maintain home comfort, contact Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, Inc. today at (561) 202-1422.

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