How Dirty Air Filters Can Negatively Impact Your HVAC System

Changing air filters is a quick and inexpensive task. Still, many people postpone replacing their filters for months, if they get around to it at all. Here’s how dirty air filters can negatively impact your HVAC system in Loxahatchee, FL:

Clogged Blower

The blower fans in your HVAC system force air past the filter. If dust, debris or dander has clogged your filter, the blower will have to work harder to push the air through it. The system’s energy consumption rises as a result of the struggle, leading to higher utility bills.

You may also have inconsistent room temperatures because of decreased airflow. The blower fan motor will eventually burn out, causing overheating and system failure.

AC Leakage

Your HVAC system absorbs heat from the atmosphere to cool your home. In the indoor condenser unit, the refrigerant evaporates, and the evaporator coil absorbs heat from air blowing over it. However, a dirty air filter restricts the amount of warm air that reaches the evaporator coil.

The coil will eventually freeze. Ironically, a frozen evaporator coil doesn’t absorb heat, and as a result, there will be low airflow in your home. In addition, you could experience water damage when the ice begins to melt.

Poor Air Quality

The purposes of your HVAC system are to keep you comfortable and maintain good indoor air quality. However, if you have a dirty filter, it’ll do exactly the opposite of that.

Filtering microscopic particles such as pollen, dust, bacteria, dander and smoke is one of an air filter’s functions. A clogged filter constantly recirculates these particles in your home, causing a variety of health-related symptoms, such as headaches, insomnia and chronic allergies.

Whether you need preventive maintenance or repairs for your HVAC system, we’re here to help. Contact our team at Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, LLC for all your HVAC service needs.

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