Programmable thermostats offer homeowners a variety of options that not only help them control their comfort but also conserve energy and save money. In West Palm Beach, Florida, where the hot and humid weather can result in costly utility bills, every strategy counts. Here’s how a programmable thermostat can help you.

Programmable Thermostats Present an Untapped Opportunity

According to the Energy Information Administration, heating and cooling costs account for about 42 percent of how much homeowners spend on their energy bills. And a lot of that energy is consumed when the home isn’t occupied, which means you’re wasting money heating and cooling your home. During the hot months, your thermostat should be set about 10 degrees higher when you are away from home or sleeping.

Energy Star Programmable Thermostats are the Industry Standard

In the last decade, programmable thermostat sales have increased significantly with more homeowners taking advantage of the features and flexibility that one offers. The Energy Star program sets the standards and specifications for what qualifies as an energy-efficient programmable thermostat.

  • Differentiates itself in the marketplace by its performance
  • Doesn’t sacrifice performance or quality
  • Saves users on their electricity bills, no matter the region or housing type
  • Recovers the initial investment in a reasonable amount of time
  • Produces levels that can be measured and verified via testing

Proper Programming Leads to Energy Efficiency and Savings

Programmable thermostats offer a range of features that help homeowners conserve energy and save money, including WiFi-enabled remote access for when you’re on the go and convenient touch screen settings, but the number-one way to energy efficiency is through proper programming. Here are the four specific settings to keep in mind.

  • 7-day: allows you to set a different cooling schedule for every day of the week
  • 5-1-1: allows you to set one cooling schedule for the week and one for both Saturday and Sunday
  • 5-2: allows you to set one cooling schedule for the week and one for the weekend
  • 1-week: allows you to set one cooling schedule for the entire week

For more information about programmable thermostats and other ways to save energy this summer, contact Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, Inc. at (561) 202-1422.

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