Is your A/C reaching SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) expectations? If it seems like your energy bills are higher than they should be, it’s smart to contact your HVAC professional. A thorough inspection may reveal that one or more of the following factors could be bringing your system’s performance values down.

  • Proper airflow — When your system’s airflow is inadequate, the desired temperature change can’t occur across the evaporator coil. This can make your home feel less comfortable and lower your system’s SEER rating. To avoid these issues, your HVAC contractor should measure airflow during each air conditioner maintenance checkup.
  • Correct refrigerant charge — Another factor that can significantly affect air conditioner performance values is refrigerant charge. Even if the system’s only slightly overcharged or undercharged, you could experience efficiency issues. Additionally, undercharged refrigerant could be indicative of a leak. Ultimately, leaks can lead to system failure, so it’s important to detect and correct any problems early on. Be sure that your technician verifies refrigerant charge during each A/C tuneup.
  • Ductwork issues — Your ducts can play a role in system efficiency as well. If your system was installed without properly sizing your ducts for compatibility, you could have problems with airflow. Leaks are another common duct issue. If it seems like your energy bills are suddenly higher than normal or if you feel that your home is being unevenly cooled, a leak in your ductwork could be reducing system capacity and causing the loss of conditioned air.
  • Incorrect sizing — Does your home feel warm, even when your A/C runs nonstop? Or does it seem like your home is cold and clammy after your system’s short and frequent on/off cycles? This could mean that your equipment isn’t properly sized. In this case, you’ll battle high utility bills, uncomfortable conditions and possibly moisture problems, in which case a full upgrade may be in order.

For questions about your A/C reaching SEER ratings, contact us at Preferred Air, Inc. We serve Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Wellington, Port St. Lucie, Delray and surrounding areas.

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