Heat pumps offer cost-effective and energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions, especially in subtropical climates like West Palm Beach, FL. They are basically air conditioners that also work in reverse, so a single system does it all. Models with two-speed compressors offer substantial energy efficiency and reduce compressor wear and tear. When incorporated into zoned systems, efficiencies can increase even more.

Air Source Systems

In wintertime, air source systems take heat from outside air and move it into your home. There is heat in the air even when it’s cold; it’s called a “heat sink.” In summer, these units remove heat from your home and move it outside. They work on the same principle as refrigerators and are best suited for areas where the average winter temperature stays above 50 degrees.

Ground Source Systems

Ground source systems, also called geothermal systems, are similar to air source systems with one important difference: Instead of drawing heat from the air, they extract heat from the ground. The ground absorbs almost 50 percent of all solar energy, so just below the surface, a constant moderate temperature is maintained year-round. Geothermal systems use a loop of below-ground piping to circulate water that transfers heat from the ground to your home in winter and removes heat from your home and transfers it to the ground in summer. Geothermal technology can supply you with hot water as well. All of this is accomplished with the highest heating and cooling efficiencies on the market. Geothermal systems can reduce heating, cooling and hot water costs by up to 80 percent; they require little maintenance and have a lifespan of about 25 years.

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