Are you noticing that your home feels cooler in some rooms and hotter in others? This is a common problem as the sweltering heat of the Lake Worth, FL, summer makes it hard for your air conditioner to work properly. Here are three possible causes for uneven cooling in your home:

Clogged Air Filter

The first place to look if your Lake Worth, FL, home is cooling unevenly is to check your air conditioner’s filter. You might find it clogged with dirt and debris, making it difficult for the AC system to properly distribute air around the home. A great way to cut this problem off at the pass is to replace the filter every month. If you’ve changed the filter and the problem persists, schedule an air conditioning repair right away. A professional can find and fix whatever is plaguing your air conditioner.

Leaky Air Ducts

The air ducts carry the conditioned air throughout your home and distribute it. One cause of uneven cooling could be a leak somewhere in the ductwork. Leaky ducts not only impact comfort creating uneven cooling in your home. They also waste a lot of energy and money. Have a professional inspect your ducts regularly to prevent this.

Inadequate Insulation

Another cause of poor air distribution could be that your attic isn’t properly insulated. Hot air rises and collects in your attic. If there’s a part of your attic that isn’t insulated properly, the hot air could get into your home, making that area much more difficult to cool.

If your air conditioner isn’t operating effectively, it can become very expensive and uncomfortable for you and your family members. Contact Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, LLC today for help if you’re experiencing this issue so that you can beat the Florida heat with more even cooling.

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