As a business owner in West Palm Beach, Florida, you’ve probably discovered many ways to increase your profits. But did you know your air conditioner has a profound effect on your profit margin? No matter the season, your commercial HVAC system plays a significant role in the efficiency and productivity of your business. By investing in regular commercial HVAC maintenance, you can reduce utility costs and increase employee productivity — both of which lead to increased profits.

HVAC Maintenance Increases Efficiency

Without regular HVAC maintenance, any air conditioner or furnace will fall into disrepair. Components get dirty and worn, and parts can malfunction and even shorten the life of your system. These factors all decrease the energy efficiency, which in turn raises your monthly utility costs.

Regular HVAC maintenance involves a careful inspection of your system by your licensed HVAC contractor. Our contractors will clean components of your system, look for any potential damage or wear and notify you about any needed repairs. HVAC maintenance is often referred to as preventive maintenance since it keeps minor issues from becoming major, more expensive ones. Through regular preventive maintenance, your HVAC system will run with greater efficiency. You will, therefore, reduce the amount of money you would spend on repairs and higher bills thereby benefiting your profit margin.

HVAC Efficiency Increases Productivity

A study at Cornell University found that employees are most productive when temperatures are between 70 and 73 degrees. When it was too warm or cool, employees started making more mistakes, and their workflow slowed significantly. The study proved that indoor temperature makes a significant impact on office productivity. For you to reliably maintain comfort within the workplace, your HVAC system must operate at peak efficiency.

With routine HVAC maintenance, your system will become more efficient and reliable, allowing you to precisely control temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality. Higher profits await you! An efficient, comfortable, and productive workplace is just around the corner when you make a habit of routine HVAC maintenance. To get started on your routine maintenance, give Preferred Air Conditioning and Mechanical a call today at (561) 202-1422.

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