An effectively sealed and properly designed duct system can make your house safer and more energy efficient. Sealing the ductwork helps to reduce problems such as rooms that are too cold in the winter or too hot during the summer. Leaks or gaps in the ductwork can make your home lose up to 30 percent of its heated or cooled air, making your energy bills skyrocket. Fortunately, duct sealing is the best way to help increase efficiency and cap your utility spending.

What sealing the ductwork can lead to

  • Increased comfort levels – The most common issue in your home is temperature variation through the home — rooms that are too hot during the summer season or too cold during wintry weather. This happens when heated or cooled air isn’t reaching rooms due to duct leaks. Duct sealing can help with heating and cooling regulation in your house.
  • Increased indoor air quality – According to Energy Star, sealing the ductwork will help boost indoor air quality by minimizing the circulation of dust particles around your home. This helps to keep your family members safe, especially those who have allergies.
  • Increased duct system efficiency – Leaky ductwork reduces the effectiveness and efficiency of your HVAC system; duct sealing has the opposite effect, increasing efficiency by as much as 20 percent.
  • Helps the environment – When sealing the ductwork, it helps to cut down on the amount of energy you use. The less consumption of energy, the lower levels of pollution. As a homeowner, if you seal your duct system, you’re playing an essential role in keeping the environment safe by reducing your carbon footprint.

For more information about sealing the ductwork, contact the pros at Preferred AC. We’ve served homeowners in the West Palm Beach area since 1991.

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