4 Signs Your Air Conditioner is Low on Refrigerant

Your air conditioner needs a specific level of refrigerant to operate efficiently. If it falls too low, your AC system will start to show signs that something is wrong. Here are four signs your air conditioner in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, is low on refrigerant:

Increased Energy Bills

Refrigerant is an essential component of any AC system. It works by absorbing heat from the air inside your home and releasing it outside. However, over time, refrigerant can leak out of the system, causing the air conditioner to work harder to cool your home. This not only increases your energy bills, but it can also put a strain on the AC unit itself, potentially leading to a breakdown.

Hissing or Bubbling Noise

When your air conditioner is low on refrigerant, it can cause a hissing or bubbling noise. This is because the compressor has to work harder to compress the already low refrigerant. This causes the refrigerant to heat up and turn into a gas, which makes the hissing noise.

Ice or Frost on Your AC System

Refrigerant is what makes your AC unit cool. So, when there’s not enough refrigerant, the air conditioner can’t cool properly.

The evaporator coil becomes too cold, and frost or ice forms on it. If you see frost or ice on your AC unit, call a qualified air conditioning service technician to check and recharge the system.

Warm Air Coming From the Vents

Low refrigerant levels cause the evaporator coils to ice over. That ice blocks the airflow and prevents coils from absorbing heat. As a result, the evaporator draws warm air from the house instead of the cool air from outside.

If you’re looking for AC repair and installation services in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, contact Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, LLC. Our team of qualified service technicians is always ready to serve you.

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