Your HVAC blower is responsible for circulating air throughout the home, and it’s a key part of the system. If the blower isn’t working in your West Palm Beach, Florida, home, you have a major problem. Here are three warning signs that your HVAC blower needs professional attention right away.

Air Isn’t Coming From Your Vents

If your thermostat kicks on without air coming through the vents, you know something is wrong. It’s likely because of one of the system’s central components, like the blower. The blower is responsible for circulating air in your system, so you won’t feel a great deal of air coming out of the vents if it’s not running.

The Outdoor Unit Isn’t Making Noise

Step outside and listen closely to the exterior HVAC unit while it’s running. The blower is one of the primary sounds that you should hear – a distinctive whir or hum if the blower is operating properly.

If the unit is silent, your blower isn’t running as it should. You should contact one of our professional service technicians to safely diagnose the problem. Though it may be another part of the system that’s malfunctioning, the blower is a prime concern in this situation.

Loud Squeaking or Banging Sounds

If the blower isn’t completely silent, you may have another kind of problem with it. The blower may spin but make loud banging noises because it’s damaged. It may squeak if the parts are coming loose. If your system isn’t blowing air as it should and you notice any unusual noises from the outside unit, call a professional as soon as you can.

Issues with your HVAC blower are not something you can afford to ignore. Call the talented team of service technicians at Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, Inc. at 561-202-1422. We’ll help you diagnose and repair your blower issue as quickly as possible.

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