Understanding HVAC Warranties

During the hot Florida summers, having your HVAC system break down in Palm Beach is pretty scary. Fortunately, you can have your unit fixed quickly and easily with the right contractor and warranty on your system. Make sure you understand how your warranty works to make the most of it when you need it. 

Understanding an HVAC Warranty

When you buy a new HVAC system for your home, it comes with a warranty against any breakdowns or parts replacement should something happen to your system. A warranty is typically between you and the manufacturer of the unit. Sometimes, it’s with the contractor. It might only cover the product straight out of the box, it might be a five or 10-year warranty through your contractor or manufacturer, or you may opt to buy more coverage with an extended warranty. 

What’s Covered?

With the most basic warranties, the manufacturer will replace any parts that arrive broken. That means if your contractor installs your unit and a part doesn’t work, the manufacturer will replace it. A 10-year warranty covers any parts that break during that period, assuming you don’t invalidate your warranty. If your air conditioner breaks down completely, then the manufacturer typically will replace the unit. For a longer warranty, you likely need to register your system soon after you buy it and pay to transfer the warranty if you move. 

Invalidating Your Warranty

Be careful with your unit; you don’t want to inadvertently do something that invalidates your warranty. Make sure you have your system installed by an authorized dealer. Only have a licensed contractor make any repairs. Also, keep all receipts of your installation and repairs. Even if your neighbor is handy, having him fix your HVAC system could invalidate your contract. Finally, make sure to schedule regular maintenance for your unit, as neglecting maintenance invalidates some warranties as well. 

Make sure you use an authorized dealer and licensed contractor for all your HVAC needs. Call Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, LLC at 561-202-1422 to speak to an experienced professional today. 

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