Ways to Prep Your HVAC System for Storm Season in Fort Pierce, FL

Storms are a part of life in Fort Pierce, FL, ranging from simple coastal thunderstorms to major hurricanes. It’s worth preparing your HVAC system while you prepare the rest of your property to minimize damage. Here are some steps you can take before storm season begins, before a storm makes landfall and after it dissipates.

Before Storm Season Starts

Before the season begins, consider elevating your exterior condensing unit. One of the major risks with living on the coast is the flooding that comes with tropical systems. Elevating your HVAC system helps give some protection from the rising waters.

Have an HVAC service technician perform this task. Attempting to move the system on your own risks damaging the compressor, lines and condensing coils. Damage to any of these may cause a refrigerant leak, leading to potentially substantial AC repairs.

Just Before a Storm Hits

There are several tasks to take when a storm approaches to help reduce damage to your system. First, clear your property of loose debris. Then, secure anything the wind could pick up.

Next, run your air conditioning a little cooler just before the storm arrives. This will help keep your home cool for a little longer once you turn off the system.

Just before the storms get intense, turn off the air conditioner and cover the condensing unit. This will help protect it from any flying debris that may come through your property. When you turn off the unit, consider doing so at the breaker to help protect from storm-related electrical surges.

After the Storm

Once the storm dissipates, uncover your unit and inspect it for damage. Consider having a post-storm maintenance visit to catch any damage you may not notice. This is especially important if you start it up and it doesn’t seem to run normally.

Make sure your HVAC system is ready to ride out a storm and continue running afterward. Call to schedule pre- or post-storm AC maintenance with our experts at Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, LLC.

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