wet air filter

A wet filter can pose problems for your HVAC system’s filtration capabilities. Such a filter is no good for its intended job, plus the moisture can cause a host of problems with airborne particulates.

Wet air filters tend to be common in areas with high humidity. Condensation leaks are usually the cause of a wet air filter. When moist, warm air loses its latent heat after passing over the evaporator coils, condensate drips from the coils and into a drip pan located below. The condensate usually drains out of the pan through a drain line, where it ends up outdoors or within the household sewer system.

Unfortunately, condensate leaks from the drain lines or drip pan can cause water to find its way onto the air filter. Not only can a wet filter cut airflow to your home, but it can also lead to mold and mildew problems. Of course, it’s also bad for indoor air quality. If there is a leak, it should be fixed right away. Carefully check the condensate drip pan and drain lines for any cracks, loose fittings or blockages. All of these can cause condensate to leak through and create a wet air filter. It is usually best to enlist the aid of professional technicians. To ensure there is no recurrence:

  • Invest in regular maintenance: Having a trained and certified HVAC technician perform regular inspection and maintenance on your system is the best and easiest way to avoid leaks. Routine maintenance can help catch relatively small problems before they snowball into larger maintenance issues.
  • Rely only on professional installation: A professional HVAC installer will make sure to keep condensate as far away from your filter as possible.

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