Most residential AC systems are split systems, so called because they have both outdoor and indoor units. It’s an optimal arrangement that lets you enjoy quiet comfort throughout the long warm-weather season. Safeguarding your outdoor equipment against damage not only protects your investment but enhances AC performance as well in your West Palm Beach, Florida, home.

All About Air Flow

From a hot gas to a cool liquid, AC refrigerant goes through many transformations as it circulates through your cooling system. To manage the heat produced during this complex process, the outdoor unit is equipped with metal fins that pull cool air into the unit and a fan that blows hot air outside. These simple steps can help ensure there’s always adequate air flow:

  • Establish a perimeter of at least two feet of open space around the outdoor cabinet.
  • Ensure at least five feet of clearance between the unit and any overhanging trees.
  • Remove debris, leaves, and pine needles from the equipment and surrounding area. If debris cannot be easily removed, it is best to leave the job to a professional to prevent damage to the components.
  • Your HVAC technician will straighten or repair any bent or damaged metal fins on the housing.

Landscaping Strategies

The trees, shrubs, and perennials in your yard can also impact AC performance. Protecting the outdoor unit from sun and wind with smart landscaping tips like shade trees and hedges can increase efficiency and decrease energy bills. From lawn gnomes to patio furniture, it’s a good idea to secure any object that could take flight and damage the unit in stormy weather too.

Professional Maintenance

The most cost-effective way to safeguard your outdoor unit is to enroll in a maintenance plan from Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, Inc. Indoors and out, we’ll ensure that every AC component operates at peak efficiency. For more tips on how to protect the investment you’ve made in your family’s comfort, explore our HVAC services, or call us today at (772) 905-3358 in Fort Pierce or (561) 202-1422 in West Palm Beach.

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