Your Commercial AC Needs TLC Too

Whether you own a small business in Port St. Lucie or a major manufacturing plant, your facility’s commercial HVAC equipment requires professional upkeep to operate efficiently. Saving energy is the reason that the Small Business Administration recommends engaging a qualified HVAC contractor to perform seasonal tune-ups, but there are financial advantages to regular maintenance too. These money-savings benefits can contribute to a healthier bottom line.

Lower Operating Costs

Regularly scheduled checkups are your best defense against unnecessary energy expenses and unexpected repairs. From a faulty electrical connection to leaky ductwork, any malfunction in your commercial HVAC equipment can impact its overall efficiency, damage other components, and shorten the system’s service life. During seasonal inspections, HVAC technicians can often identify and resolve potential issues on the spot, saving you from repair costs down the line.

Reduced Downtime

Poorly maintained AC systems can break down when you least expect it, that can greatly affect employee productivity and keep customers away. You will also have to suffer unscheduled downtime while the system is being repaired or replaced. Enrolling in a preventive maintenance program is an effective way to minimize downtime and provide the climate-controlled environment you need to keep employees and machines working at peak efficiency.

Health Benefits

Research conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that when temperatures in the workplace rise above 73 degrees Fahrenheit, the rate of accidents increase and productivity drops. Because a well-tuned cooling system helps filter out airborne pollutants and allergens, regular AC tune-ups can mean fewer sick days too.

At Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, LLC we focus on providing services that keep our customers’ equipment in good working condition all year long. We understand equipment can fail regardless of how well you take care of them and so we commit to offering quick response times to get you up and running as soon as possible.

We also offer additional benefits like discounts on parts and labor too. To learn more about our top-quality commercial products and services, explore our commercial HVAC solutions or call us today at (561) 202-1422 in Palm Beach or (772) 905-3358 in Port St. Lucie.

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