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Robert is great. He is very knowledgeable about air conditioners, he is very thorough, he works really hard and never stops until the job is completed. He is also an all-around good guy and I always want to use him whenever there is an A/C problem. Preferred is fortunate to have Robert working for them. As a customer, I couldn’t be more satisfied.
Tom Sand

Eric was on time, seemed very nice, went about his work. We were happy he arrived ‘masked’ during this crazy time.
Scott Easton

Mike found that the AC units had been wired improperly and repaired them. Our master bedroom no longer sounds like an airplane taking off when the unit turns on. Also, it no longer bangs to announce its finished! Job well done.
Dale Tallon

It is my pleasure to write a review for Preferred Air Conditioning. The installers arrived at my house at the exact time of the scheduled appointment. Actually, they arrived a little before that time. I was initially concerned about their presence at my house because of the current Coronavirus Pandemic, but my doubts were eased when I noticed that the installers were wearing face masks and were observing “social distancing standards,” as best as they could do during the installation process of 2 air conditioning units. The installers were very knowledgeable about air conditioning, courteous, efficient and especially neat and protective of household furnishings and wood floors during the installation. It was apparent that the installers had worked together as a team for a long period of time noted by the way they worked together and communicated with each other. In closing, I would highly recommend Preferred Air. Their price was competitive but reasonable and the installation process was especially seamless. I should also mention that their sales representative was very knowledgeable and helpful.

Respectfully submitted,

Anthony Holliday

Hey Leo. Recently I got the copy of The Registration for the A/C unit….Thank you so much! I am sending in the Annual Service Agreement out today.

I must say that your advice and efforts, your company’s professionalism, the entire experience in general – was excellent! The new A/C unit is a marvel and we love it every day. Very happy, whenever we will hear of anyone in need of top-notch A/C equipment & work, Preferred A/C & Leo Quesnel will come with the highest recommendation.

A Happy New Year, also. All the best.

Eckart Bühler

I want to thank you for the team you sent over to my house to install the new unit. They were quiet, professional, friendly, and clean…..they worked hard and I appreciate all they did…just want you to know you have good employees.

Leo, boy, what a unit! I have recommended your company to my neighbor and a friend in Coral Springs. Hope I can refer some business to you.

Lana S. Compton


Allow me to put in a shameless plug for a local AC company, Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, LLC and Leo Quesnel, the sales guy who sold me my AC unit 2 1/2 years ago and stands behind his product and service. I rarely do this, but if you read on you’ll see why I’m posting it. I got home and it was 81 degrees… my ac was down… I was down and out. No way a tech was coming over after 5 pm on short notice. WRONG! One call to Leo got the ball rolling and by 8pm I was cool and my 9th wedding anniversary dinner date at home with my wife (which was supposed to be a surprise) was saved! Total cost: $55. Not too shabby for an on-call tech to drive 45 minutes after hours to sweat up a storm in the attic fixing my unit, which had shut down automatically, as it is supposed to do, because of so much condensation that turned into 3 buckets of water!

Thanks, Leo, Joel and Preferred. You restored my faith in the word “service.”

John Favole


We have thought about replacing our AC Unit for several years, but quite honestly were dreading the whole process – finding a reputable company, the cost, the actual installation etc. A friend/co-worker recommended Preferred Air Conditioning. We called and within a week the job was completed!! Preferred made the process as painless as it could possibly be. They made sure we were aware of and received every credit available and gave us options to choose from rather than “telling” us what to do. The installation crew showed up on time and even though they had the challenge of putting the air handler in the attic, went about doing the installation in a very professional manner making sure everything was done in and organized and clean atmosphere. We could not be happier and are looking forward to using Preferred to maintain this quality unit. Highly recommend this company!!! Thank You Leo & John!!
John & Linda

Just a note to tell how pleased we are with your sales representative, Leo Quesnel. Leo answered all or our prepared research questions relating to the highest standards of air conditioning efficiency currently being offered. He matched our requirements with three sample units and sat down to discuss each one with us in detail. In the end Leo won our confidence and we purchased the unit that met our new standards for efficiency and related costs. We called Leo many times with questions and he would always promptly return our calls and respond to our questions. We had reviewed 4 other companies and decided to purchase your product through Leo. The new air conditioning unit has been installed without any delay or problems. It appears to be the right product for our home. We are thrilled with the installation and the follow up that Leo has provided us right up to today when he was checking to ensure that all went well and that we were satisfied with our new system. Brad and Dave our installers did a professional job. There was an immediate noticeable difference in the air quality. We are happy to recommend this product and Leo’s representation to anyone who has interest.
Joe and Betty Budano

Thank you for the preliminary product info and the opportunity to discuss Wednesday. Your team of Mike and Joel did the installation Thursday. Please accept my sincere thanks! Everyone from your organization made me feel like a VIP and my appreciation of your ability to expedite my install cannot be overstated. Best Regards!
Gus Davis

I can’t say thank you enough to the Preferred A/C staff for your help and assistance with the installation of my Amana 16 Seer A/C. My previous unit was installed 12 years ago. I was looking for a business that was reputable, customer oriented, and would give me the best deal for my money. I work for a local municipality and we deal with contractors all the time. The good and bad ones. Besides Preferred A/C I got quotes for 3 other A/C companies. When the representative from Preferred came to my home he was at my residence for over an hour. Most of the time I was on the phone with Leo Quesnel discussing my options and he answered all my questions and concerns that I had. I contacted Leo by phone and email several times and all questions are concerned were addressed in a timely manner

When the A/C was installed, the installers came on time (this is very important to me because I have a pet peeve about punctuality). They worked quietly and answered all my questions in a professional manner. Despite of the bad weather conditions everything was installed within the time that was specified. When the workers left, everything was cleaned up to my satisfaction.

Leo stated to me in our first conversation that they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and I know first hand why. They have excellent customer service, very professional and knowledgeable and most important they are EFFICIENT and punctual. I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants an a/c unit installed.

Kenthia White

My wife and I have used Preferred to service our old “builder’s special” AC unit ever since we moved in. We have always been so happy in our dealings with Preferred.

They have helped the unit eke out 11 years of life, when other companies probably would have seen a quick sale to replace the old unit. Their service people were not just clean, courteous and punctual – they were clever and helped us get at least 2 years more life out of our old system.

But when we decided to replace our unit with a new one, we did the usual thing: we got several quotes. By being upfront with Leo (which is easy, because he really is a great guy), he was able to guide us to exactly the right unit at a competitive price. When I told my wife that we were able to stay with Preferred, she literally jumped in the air for joy. The team of three installers came right on time. One seemed to be the expert for plumbing/exterior compressor and the other two seemed to be the experts for electrical/interior air handler and thermostat.

They first protected the carpet with big sheets of plastic. But that was actually overkill. Like Zen Masters, they religiously took their shoes off whenever they came into the house. How many tradesmen have you ever seen do that?! Besides clean, they were friendly while remaining 100% professional. It was easy to talk to them about the details. They went the extra mile to arrange the cables and pipes so our installation would be as unobtrusive as possible.

The installation was to take a full day. But they had finished and cleaned up by 2:30. The team leader explained how the new thermostat worked and discussed how to get the most out of our new system. My wife and I were so happy to give each team member a tip, with our compliments. We both deal with the public and were very pleasantly surprised by the team’s unique combination of people and technical skills.

Bottom line: I recommend Preferred. And I hope all Preferred clients will get the word out. These guys have earned it.

Rob Gorman

Hey Leo. I just wanted to let you know Dave and Marco did an awesome job and are very organized they have it down to a science, the unit looks like it was in there since day one. Thanks and have a nice day.

Just want to let you know that the two crews just left the house after performing installation on the two Carrier 2 speed systems. Terrific job! Clean, neat, non-disruptive and fast! Very professional and finished installation. Very pleased with the work. Thank you! Please feel free to use us as a reference if you need one. Best Regards!
Hank Cohan

If you need service, these are the people to call! Prompt, courteous and professional. I can’t say enough good things about these guys. They get it right the first time at reasonable rates. Keep up the outstanding work!
Robert Taylor

Just a quick note to say thanks. Your crew was here early this morning and did an excellent job installing my new Carrier Infinity system. Beau, Bill, Christian and Jerry were all professional, knowledgeable, friendly and courteous.

It was nice to see that they weren’t trainees and that they each brought several years of trade experience with them. As the job was nearing completion (or so we thought) and they were priming the air handler drain line they discovered that the line was cracked under the foundation. So instead of being on their way it was time to unload the trucks once more and resolve the problem. The team worked together to troubleshoot the situation then laid out all the “what ifs” and discussed their (our) options. In the end we decided rather than try to replace the existing line under the floor that it would be better to re plumb it along the garage wall and out the other side of the house.

Once the system was up and running Bill went to great length going over all the details of the new Infinity Control system. He wanted to make sure I was comfortable with it although it seems very simple to use and assured me that he was only a phone call away if I had any issues or questions.

I am comfortable tonight knowing that I just had an incredibly efficient air conditioning system installed in my home and that it is backed by a top notch company that I would highly recommend to anyone in need of a new A/C system.

My wife is the Client Services Manager for Premier Realty Group in Sewall’s Point. She assures me that Preferred Air Conditioning will be added to the preferred vendors list first thing in the morning.

Keep up the good work! Thanks again!

Ed Morrisroe

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