PreferredAir-programmable-thermostatA programmable thermostat is a great device that offers the convenience of home comfort according to your lifestyle, but the thermostat must be used correctly. Here are some simple tips to get the most benefit from your thermostat.


The programmable thermostat should be centrally located in the home or zone, such as an interior wall. Avoid installing the thermostat in direct vicinity of sunlight, air outlets and grilles and access doors, including the garage.


If temperature programming is new to you, start with modest changes and energy-saving settings. If you go to the extreme in an effort to put deep cuts in your energy bill, you may be tempted to use the “hold” feature, which overrides program settings. This isn’t a good habit to make and compromises any energy savings you’ve made.

Heat Pump Compatible

Many homeowners in Palm Beach Gardens, Lake Worth and surrounding communities heat and cool their homes with heat pumps. The programmable thermostat you use should be compatible with your heat pump, or you’ll suffer higher heating bills due to the engagement of backup resistance heating when the temperature is adjusted  more than two degrees.

For heating and cooling, turning the thermostat way up or way down doesn’t heat or cool the home any faster. It’s best to set the program to your desired comfort and energy-saving temperatures and leave it alone.


Many thermostats offer “lock-out” and “change filter” features that protect from accidental or unauthorized program changes and alert you when the air filter needs to be changed. A dirty filter increases electricity consumption and increases wear on the heat pump.


Try to program energy-saving periods in eight hour blocks or longer. Sleeping and working hours are excellent times to take advantage of savings. Start with turning back or up the temperature about five degrees from your comfort setting, try it for a week or two and make adjustments to comfort and savings as needed.

For more information about boosting comfort and savings with your programmable thermostat, contact Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, Inc.  We serve West Palm Beach and surrounding areas.

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