PreferredAir-Home-Energy-SavingsHelpful tips are always welcome, and tips that help you save money are even better. Read through these seven energy-saving tips for ways to save money around your Florida home.

  • Filters – Changing the air filter regularly impacts energy consumption. In addition to maintaining indoor air quality, the air filter protects cooling and heating components from debris and mold contamination. Try a filter rated MERV 7 through 13 the next time you change the filter.
  • Programming the thermostat – Whether you use a programmable model or a traditional manual thermostat, pay attention to the settings. Turn up the thermostat to 78 degrees during the cooling months and no higher than 68 degrees during the heating months.
  • Energy Star – Look for Energy Star certified appliances and home comfort systems when upgrading. When you see the Energy Star logo, you can rest assured the comfort system or appliance has passed high energy efficiency criteria and offers a nice return on investment in energy savings.
  • Water heating – Check the thermostat on the water heater and set it back to 120 degrees. Touch the tank. If it’s warm to the touch, adding insulation to its exterior can help stop standby heat energy loss and save substantially on water heating costs.
  • Swimming pool – Swimming pool pumps use a lot of electricity. Run the pump no more than six hours during the cooling months and no more than four hours during the heating months.
  • Energy vampires – So many electronics and small appliances use electricity, even when they’re turned off. Try to use power strips in your home. Connect small appliances and electronics, such as the microwave, toaster, DVD player and cell phone chargers for instance, and turn off the power strip when these items aren’t in use.
  • Preventive maintenance – Maintaining cooling and heating systems is important for driving peak efficiency and comfort. Your heat pump or A/C should be serviced once a year. Consider an annual maintenance agreement for planned service, discounted rates and prompt emergency service.

Please contact Preferred Air Conditioning & Mechanical, Inc. for more information about these energy-saving tips for your West Palm Beach or Port Saint Lucie home today.

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